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I've got a lot of sketches that I don't have he heart to scrap, so most of my gallery might seem a little scrap-ish. But I love each and every one of my pictures, each with their own little personality and story to tell. So please take a look. :3

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Duo buttons! by Roaring-Flame-Cat
Duo buttons!
Commission for a fellow who wanted Pikachu and Mew, I spiced it up by having them hold plushies of each other.
A colored pencil commission for a fur on FA.This was a ton of fun! Don't pay any mind to the colors that are a little off that's just the scanner's doing.
I don't care what they think. by Roaring-Flame-Cat
I don't care what they think.
You can't help who you fall in love with...

I could feel her warmth, she was so soft against my (so I always thought) rough skin. I could've never predicted that she and I would ever take our relationship so far, but I can't stop this fire in my chest that longs for me to touch her back. She shivers under my own touch and I follow those shivers up and down her spine as they try to escape from me. 

Her voice escapes, and I quell it with a kiss. She's burning inside as well, she presses closer to me her body begging to be closer, and even closer still. Deeper I kiss, and tighter I pull her obliging her silent pleas. She pulls back for a gasp, and returns right back parting her lips and allowing her tongue to lick so lightly on my own. Despite the heat, I slowly allow mine to escape my mouth to give hers a tentative taste.

She moans this time, pushing hers slowly over mine, which I resist the urge to just overwhelm her with my own. Slowly she pulls back and her lips, puffy from our kisses, purse and she looks me in the eye.

"What do you want, my love?"

She's nervous and I can feel it... but with a slight glance away, she returns her gaze. "Can you... split it?"

My eyes widen, but I smile. I turned her head to meet mine again and I kiss her again, I pull away and allow my tongue to split down the middle, I let it pour like a snake from my lips. When changed fully, I let the needle thin tips feather on her neck. I trail up to her ear, jawline, and returned to her lips.

Her brows furrowed unsure of the new sensation, but her mouth opened and allowed me to enter again. I painted the top of her tongue, letting the tips roll back as I dove deeper, and reverse when I returned to the entrance, slowly her tongue began to dance again. Playing between the fork, like being hugged, letting them explore her cheeks, even sensations I couldn't explain.

I have no idea how long we kissed, but when we parted her naked chest rose and fell, as she sprawled herself before me. She rose he arms above her head allowing the muscle to roll slightly to her sides. Placing a hand on either side of her hips, I traced her sides up, until I held her breasts gingerly in my paws. Pulling them back to where they would rest if she stood, I gently squeezed each one thumbing her peaks allowing them to rise and beg for my touch as the skin pulled together to harden like my own scales.

My tongue escaped my lips again as it roped around the base of a breast. I could tighten my grip like a snake, and I swirled around like a winding mountain road to put that peak between the groove of my tongue. Licking long, and slow as I retracted it. My fork hugging and pulling gently as I lowered my head to replace my tongue with my lips. Nibbling gently, and sucking.

Her back arched her body filled with energy begging to find a release, her eyes closed to let her body feel the sensations first, rather than her eyes. "Blaze" She moaned out in sharp inhaling breaths as the sensations threw her body into uncontrollable movement fits.

I removed my face from her nipple, deep pink from blood rush. I placed my body onto hers, holding her close again. I kiss her again, much more tender and slow... I break away to place my lips to her ear.

"I love you."
I'm not coloring in the lines anymore... by Roaring-Flame-Cat
I'm not coloring in the lines anymore...
I mentioned a long time ago, that I adore watercolor... and after watching Jack paint, and a few other "professional" artists draw (They just essentially blob a bunch of colors onto their canvas get the shapes, colors, and shadows they want, and BAM it's done. No fussing over coloring in the lines, no coloring every little detail, they just go.) So I know people want everything to be as polished and clean as possible, but here I'm just gonna say Fuck it. I had fun coloring this, and it only took me 15 mins. So I can't beat that since my marker coloring take about an hour usually.

No inking I even didn't bother cleaning the sketch up a bit... But I have to say this was very liberating.


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So I would love to have a Fella Plushie, and a 20x24 print of Gunner Romantic's GodStruck. I need to fill up this wall of mine with some pretty pretty art so if you all love me I would much appreciate the love. <3

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But seriously guys, thank you so much. I really appreciate every one of you. 
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